Juice Fast Update

After staying with my sister for a week this spring and participating in a juice fast while her overweight husband looked on, my brother-in-law decided he would like to give it a try. So, 2 weeks ago I packed up my bags, brought along my Green Star juicer and Excalibur dehydrator (there is a lot of pulp to make crackers with) and the three of us participated in a modified juice fast. For simplicity and ease, we decided to have green smoothies for breakfast and juice for lunch and dinner.
Even though this repeat juice fast was my brother-in-laws idea, I decided that we should all sit down and view the documentary Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead for motivation and inspiration at the beginning of the week. This chronicles the journey of an overweight, sick 40 something year man who travels across the U.S. inspiring people along the way.
My brother-in-law has come a long way in the past 6 months. After coming back from a holistic health cruise, he made the decision to become vegan. While this was quite a shock to everyone, he did not lose the weight that he anticipated. Therein lies a lesson for all. Going vegan (or even raw) does not guarantee anyone health or weight loss. There is a right way and a wrong way of eating a plant based diet. One of his problems is over consumption of bread. He has been eating bread for at least 2 meals a day!
On about day 5, my brother-in-law stated that he was feeling very good and on day 6 that he has never felt so good in all his life!!! He attributed this to a levelling of his blood sugars.  I don’t think he regularly checks his blood sugars, but he has experienced bouts of pre-diabetes in the past. Wow, What tremendous results in one week! He is also down about 12 pounds and visibly slimmer.
He was so happy with his results he continued for another week with green smoothies for 2 meals a day and a reasonable meal for dinner.
This is more than anyone expected, but it goes to show you the power of good nutrition.