“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food”

The Hippocrates quote above is perfectly illustrated in this comic by Bizarro!












So what have you eaten today that qualifies as medicine?

Today, I prepared a green smoothie consisting of:

1 banana (well known as a good source of potassium, but even better of Vit B6 and C)
1 plum
1 kiwi
1 pear
1 small piece of ginger (very anti-inflammatory)
large handful of kale (very nutrient dense, high levels of Vit A, C, K and so much more!)
1 heaping tbsp. each of:

brown sesame seeds (good source of copper, calcium and other minerals)
flax seeds (omega 3, richest source of anti cancer lignans)
chia seeds (omega 3, calcium, fiber, antioxidants and more)
enough water in the Vitamix container to reach the 4 cup mark

This made about 2 1/2 glasses which I sipped throughout the morning.