Natural treatment for eye infection or dry eyes

I recently woke up one day and found one of my eyes tearing up quite a bit. By the next day, “tears” turned to an oozing yellowish discharge that if left alone would start to crust up on my eyelid. I found myself having to wet a sterile cloth bandage with previously boiled water to clean my eye every 30 minutes. On top of that my eyelid started to turn red. It was my first ever eye infection and it was not pretty. I was terrified it would turn into full blown pink eye/conjunctivitis.
It was suggested to me that I really should go to the doctor and get something for my eyes. Your eyes are not something you want to take too many chances with after all! I was determined to first try something natural before succumbing to the doctor (who has seen me twice in 5 years!) I immediately started taking some Deep Immune by St. Francis and Anti Viral by Natural Factors.
The next thing I did was go out and buy myself an eye wash cup for a few dollars at the pharmacy. I located a video, available here – that explained the process of how to make an eye wash with sea salt. I boiled reverse osmosis water and let it cool and then measured out 100 ml. To that I added just less than 1/4 tsp. of sea salt and stirred until fully dissolved. I filled the eye wash cup to the brim, bent down and held it to my open eye. I stood up and held it to my open eye for 1 minute, blinking and rolling my eye back and forth so that the solution was reaching my entire eye. This is a 1% solution, even less than the ocean which is 3.5% so it was not irritating. The biggest hurdle of keeping your eye open in the solution is over in seconds as you realize it is no big deal. I did this every few hours for a total of 6 times and by the next day, my eye had stopped tearing, oozing and all the redness was gone!
I was ecstatic to say the least.  My suspicion is that the eye wash was the significant factor in my quick recovery.
This eye wash is also supposed to bring relief to dry eyes. I would definitely give this a two thumbs up for a natural eye treatment.