Do you drink fluoridated tap water?

You might be surprised to learn that the fluoride that is added to our drinking water is a waste management product from industries such as aluminium and phosphate fertilzation. They capture toxic fumes emitting from their smoke stacks and this is transferred and diluted in our drinking water. Fluoride was added to drinking water starting in the 40’s to supposedly lower rates of tooth decay.  Studies in the following years showed a drop in cavities, but other countries also experienced a similar drop. Today, there is no discernable difference in tooth decay rates between countries that do and do not fluoridate their water.
It has been said that fluoride science is distorted corporate science.
Fluoride is an endocrine disruptor, affecting other areas of our bodies besides our teeth – brain, bones, thyroid, pineal gland and even blood sugar levels. The negative effects of over exposure can be seen by mottling of the teeth. The condition is known as dental fluorisis. There are also many studies that link fluoride with reduced IQ, hypothyroidism, disrupted immune function, arthritis and more.
We can easily be overexposed to fluoride by drinking not only tap water, but many processed beverages and foods – anything made with water. A baby is particularly vunerable if fed formula made from tap water. Most toothpastes also contain fluoride and if you look carefully, the label cautions against swallowing even the pea size amount that we are supposed to use. Be particularly careful around children who cannot or do not spit out their toothpaste. Either use just a smear of toothpaste on their toothbrush or better yet, switch to non-fluroidated toothpaste.
It may be impossible to completely avoid fluoride, given the multitude of things it is in, so why not try to reduce it where our biggest exposure is likely? For most people this means installing a water system or buying big jugs of water. Be aware that Brita filters DO NOT filter out fluoride. The present sytem of adding fluoride to our drinking water amounts to a mass medication of society in which we have no say! This is yet another thing that can impact our health that too many of us don’t either think or know about.

For a 20 minute video on the topic, see

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