About Cathy

IMG_9526 - Version 2_face0Cathy Fleischmann resides in Burlington, Ontario, Canada and is a graduate of The Institute of Holistic Nutrition located in Mississauga, where she graduated in April 2013 as a Certified Nutritional Practitioner or CNP.  Previous to enrolling in this program, Cathy worked at Goodness Me! Natural Food Market for almost four years and continues to give occasional cooking classes there.  She provides nutritional consultations with clients through Health From Within Family Chiropractic in downtown Burlington, Ontario.

Her nutritional journey started 13 years ago after reading The Food Revolution by John Robbins.  She was emotionally touched by his words and gentle approach at explaining how our food choices affect not only our own health, but the health of the planet too.  Cathy was  mesmerized by this book and devoured it over the course of a weekend (while going through a box of kleenex).  Reading that book sent her on a journey and ignited a passion for learning all that she could about nutrition.  Fast forward 13 years later and she has read countless more books and taken every opportunity to learn from others.  Her interest has gone from learning for herself to a yearning to share with others.  She admires the works of many, but in particular Dr. Joel Fuhrman, authour of Eat To Live, Eat For Health, Disease Proof Your Child and many more.  His books and web site  www.drfuhrman.com have taught her the importance of eating a nutrient dense diet, which she strive to share with others, while incorporating the information learned from school as well. She has borrowed from one of his mottos in deciding on the name for this blog – Nutrition Is the Prescription.
Education on nutrition and lifestyle changes that can benefit overall health are key components of what a Certified Holistic Nutritiionist does. Diet is one of the key foundations to our health, but there are many other choices to be made that impact our health and well being from our choice of cooking methods, personal care products, cleaning products and so much more.

Cathy is able to offer individualized protocols that are condition specific, incorporating a plant based diet or including animal products and/or gluten free.

Cathy can be reached at cathy@nutritionistheprescription.ca or to book an appointment nutrition@healthfromwithin.ca

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